AQUA SPA sources the best products to use and recommend to our clients. The face is continually subjected to the elements such as the sun, smoke, pollution or an ineffective home skincare regime.  

Our team of Skin Experts will help you get the best home care system to combat early signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, acne or dehydration.

.SKIN Cosmeceuticals

Exclusive to Aqua Spa & Skin, .SKIN Cosmeceuticals is our home-grown skincare brand developed by a cosmetic chemist


Natural foaming and gentle face wash containing Aloe Vera and Cucumber for optimal hydration from the very first step!


Advanced exfoliation properties to change your skin through both Lactic Acid, Papain and Bromelain.


A light rapidly absorbed moisturiser containing ProVitamin B5 and sodium Hyaluronate which is both hydrating and calming for normal to oily skin.


A rich non-greasy moisturiser stimulating collagen synthesis through Oat Beta Glucan the perfect remedy for drier skin with the added benefit of anti aging properties!


A broad spectrum with both physical and chemical sun protection with hydrolysed collagen anti-aging properties.


A dermatological tested sun protection cream with anti-ageing properties. Water resistant, broad spectrum and safe on even sensitive skin.


A rapidly absorbed serum with multi-molecular hyaluronic acid


Formulated to calm, restore and protect sensitive skin.


Formulated to instantly replenish protective lipids for improved skin barrier function, optimal hydration and anti-aging benefits.


A nourishing eye cream that fights the common signs of aging

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"When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined"

- The International Dermal Institute

Daily Skin Health

Promote optimal skin health and balance moisture levels

AGE Smart®

Prevent, treat and reverse the visible signs of aging

Ultra Calming™

Calm sensitive skin and provide lasting relief

Clear Start™

Banish breakouts with fast-acting professional solutions

Daylight Defence

Protect your skin with these lightweight, non-greasy formulations

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Lamelle Research Laboratories

A proudly South African biotechnology research company


Remodeling with Skin Specific Recombinant Growth Factors


Advanced pigmentation solutions


Most comprehensive DNA repair and protect system


A complete treatment offering oral and topical acne therapy


Corrective lipid bi-layer replacement therapy


Targeted treatments

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Sun protection inside and out

Heliocare Gelcream SPF50

Tinted sun protection to even out skintone

Heliocare Compact Oil Free SPF50

Camouflage effect for hyperpigmentation

Heliocare Oil Free Gel SPF50

Sun protection with a matte finish

Heliocare Spray SPF50

Water resistant sun protection for the whole family

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Kiss yourself better with the Bellabaci Massage system

Bellabaci Cupping Sets

Medical grade, soft silicone suction cups are used to boost blood & lymph circulation, aid in healing, detoxing, pain relief and allows deeper penetration of Organic Bellabaci Genies

Bellabaci Organic Genies

An Organic Virgin Coconut Oil base with an Essential Oil blend

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