As set out in the COVID-19 Risk-Adjusted Strategy the Beauty and Haircare Industry is only set to re-open at Level 1. We are thus, by law, not allowed to perform any treatments until such a time that we reach the aforementioned level.

1. Are you open for treatments during the lockdown?

2. Are you allowed to sell skincare products during the lockdown?

As of Level 4 the Beauty Industry is permitted to sell skincare items to the general public. Aqua Spa & Skin has CIPC certificates and permits to distribute products to clients during the lockdown. 


Should you wish to place an order you can do so online or send a WhatsApp to 0663037735

3. Can I buy or use a Gift Voucher during lockdown?

Gift Vouchers are available for purchase during the lockdown. 

Gift Vouchers may be used to purchase retail skincare items during the lockdown period. (T's + C's)

*A Gift Voucher can be extended until such a time that Aqua Spa is allowed, by law, to operate at full capacity. 

4. Which hygiene protocols do you have in place?

The health and safety of our staff and clients are of utmost importance and we will follow all necessary hygiene and safety protocols once we are allowed to open to the public. 

The following hygiene practices were put into place prior to the lockdown:
- All staff members have to submit to a temperature reading upon entering the spa

- Staff members with elevated temperatures are asked to go home

- Face masks to be worn during treatments
- All surfaces and treatment equipment is sterilized before and after each client

- Counters, door handles, card machines etc. are sterilized after each client has touched any such items/surfaces

Hygiene and safety protocols will be updated upon our return to the workplace as requested by law.

Aqua Spa & Skin wish to thank all of our clients for your ongoing support during these uncertain times. We will always strive to uphold the highest form of service and hygiene in our place of work, to protect our clients and our staff. 

Our prayers go out to everyone across our country, and the world, who are facing hardships 

- we are in this together.

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