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As of 24 June 2020, all three Aqua Spa and Skin branches will be fully operational, providing treatments and skincare products to the public. 

1. Are you open for treatments?

2. Which hygiene protocols do you have in place?

The health and safety of our staff and clients are of utmost importance and we will follow all the necessary hygiene and safety protocols, including:

• No client, or member of staff, will be allowed inside the spa without a mask

• All staff and clients are required to complete a COVID-questionnaire upon entry, as well as sanitize their hands and have their temperature checked

• Clients, or staff, with a temperature exceeding 37.5C, will be asked to leave the premises

• Surfaces and equipment are sanitized before and after every client - including pay-points, service counters and door handles

• All Aqua Spa staff members are required to wear face masks and protective face shields during treatments

• Treatment beds are covered with plastic sheets (to be sterilized before and after each treatment) or disposable towelling. Single-use towels are removed and replaced with fresh, clean towels after every Massage Treatment.

• NO cash payments will be accepted 

• Companions are not allowed; we ask that only the individual booked for a treatment come to the spa 

Your understanding in this regard is greatly appreciated

3. Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers which expired during lockdown will still be honoured. 

Aqua Spa Vouchers can be redeemed toward treatments or products.

Aqua Spa & Skin wish to thank all of our clients for your ongoing support during these uncertain times. We will always strive to uphold the highest form of service and hygiene in our place of work, to protect our clients and our staff. 

Our prayers go out to everyone across our country, and the world, who are facing hardships 

- we are in this together.